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2022 Annual report of Yushan scholar Dr. Jia-Ming Liu

Yushan FellowIssued by:National Chung Hsing UniversityNumber of click-through:254
Year of approval:2020/Year of research results:2021 /Academic field:Engineering/Scholar name:Jia-Ming Liu

Introduction to the event

We design and calculate the structure of an advanced Cr-dopde pulsed fiber laser and high-performance resonant-type Ge Photodiode.

In this study, the design of a thin film light absorber is designed by using the periodic microstructure of germanium/silicon dioxide combined with dielectric mirrors, which generates vertical resonant cavity resonance at 1.31 and 1.545 μm with 88 % and 82 % absorbance. At the wavelength from 1.4 to 1.45 μm, the constructive interference of reflected waves is destroyed by the periodic structure of germanium/silicon dioxide, which reduces the reflectance and increases the absorbance from 25 % to 40 %. The absorbance is more than 60 % at the wavelength from 1.3 to 1.35 μm and from 1.53 to 1.56 μm. This structure can be used as a vertical surface-emitting photodiode structure for the application of optical communication. In addition, due to the high germanium duty cycle, the structure design also allows a large angle incidence range, which also has application potential for 1.55 μm wavelength LiDAR applications.

Online line discussion between Los Angeles (Prof. Jia-Ming Liu, Prof. Woodhi Cheng) and NCHU (Dean Guu-Chang Yang, Prof. Zingway Pei, Prof. Chun-Nein Liu and Mr. Ching-Yu Hsu)

Online line discussion between Prof. Jia-Ming Liu Mr. Ching-Yu Hsu

Peof. Zingway Pei and Prof. Chun-Nein Liu discuss with Prof. Jia-Ming Liu at UCLA.

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Dr. Jia-Ming Liu Performance Report