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Professor Hsiao-Hui Lee's 2022 Performance Report

Yushan Young FellowIssued by:National Chengchi UniverserityNumber of click-through:110
Year of approval:2019/Year of research results:2021 /Academic field:Social Sciences/Scholar name:Hsiao-Hui Lee

Introduction to the event

My recent research has focused on two directions - supply chain management and related topics in its connection to innovation/corporate social responsibility (CSR). Specifically, I have published 5 journal papers in the past three years. See Appendix No. 2 for more details. 

Research: Secured two MOST (now NSTC grants) and published five top or leading journal papers (see Appendix 2).
Teaching: I have taught various courses in bachelor, master and PhD levels, inspiring students at different levels, and training students who meet the needs of industry or academia.
Service: I took over as the director of the Center of Supply Chain Management Research in April 2019. Moreover, in order to increase the international visibility and popularity of National Chengchi University, I also gave online seminars in Singapore and at international conferences under the pandemic.

Ad-hoc Reviewer: Management Science, MSOM, POM

Associate Editor: Decision Sciences Journal, since 2022/08

Conference organizing/program committee: POMS-HK 2019 (hosted by Poly U); POMS-HK 2020 (hosted by HKU); AIEA-NBER conference 2021 (online) ; POMS-HK 2022 (hosted by Lingnan University of HK); AIEA-NBER conference 2022 (hosted by KAIST).

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Professor Hsiao-Hui Lee's 2022 Performance Report