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Annual report for the first year ( Dr. Li-Chih Wang )

Administrative Support Grant FellowIssued by:National Tsing Hua UniversityNumber of click-through:149
Year of approval:2021/Year of research results:2021 /Academic field:Social Sciences/Scholar name:Li-Chih Wang

Introduction to the event

This year, Dr. Li-Chih Wang focused on establishing his research teams, cultivating postgraduates' research capabilities, and applying for and implementing the research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education. He mainly aims to test the extensive mechanism of Chinese reading, gamification of the training on reading-related ability and the impact on Chinese reading, and investigate the mental health status of students with learning disabilities/dyslexia.

In the past year, Dr. Wang has published 11 academic papers in well-known international journals with domestic and international scholars and was invited to give talks at home and abroad for 14 sessions. At present, Dr. Wang's research team consists of 9 members, including one full-time research assistant, seven postgraduates, and one undergraduate. We are working on achieving more to explore the natures of Chinese students with dyslexia and other SEN and look for more suitable ways to guide and teach them.


Annual report for the first year ( Dr. Li-Chih Wang )

This pic was shot at the invited talk entitled “Relationships between Processing Speed and Reading of Students with Dyslexia”.

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