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Prof. Takehiko Kitamori _Grow and expand the social impact of micro- and nanofluidics

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Year of approval:2019/Year of research results:2021 /Academic field:Engineering/Scholar name:

Introduction to the event

1. Globalization

(1) Taiwan-Japan International industry-university collaboration: Contract between Daicel (Japanese chemical company)-NTHU collaborative R&D of “Variable Production System (Desktop Chemical Plant) by using Microfluidics”, JPY 450M for 5 years.

(2) Research collaboration with UTokyo for “Large-scale Microfluidic System for Desktop Chemical Plant” with Daicel.

(3) Taiwan-Sweden-Japan international research collaboration: Single Cell Proteomics (supported by SUMMIT/MOST).  Research collaboration between NTHU-Lund University-The University of Tokyo is going on. Some important technologies like a nano mechanical valve were achieved. NYCU, Taipei Medical University Hospital, The University of UTokyo Hospital and Keio University have also joined this project. 

(4) Promotion of high level Taiwan-Japan exchange on science and technology: Several meetings with previous Vice Minister Dr. Tsou at MOST for exchanging information and opinions. Giving Keynote Lecture at “2021 Japan-Taiwan Symposium 台日智慧生醫論壇” (Nov. 11th) as a representative of Taiwanese side (NTHU).

(5) Exchange with Taiwan Embassy at Tokyo in Japan: Meeting with Ambassador Hsieh, Deputy Ambassador Chang, Senior Advisor Tsou, and arranging meeting between President of The University of Tokyo Fujii, and Senior Vice President Aihara. Making plan of Courtesy Visit to Ambassador Hsieh by President Ogawa of Daicel. Enhancing international exchange between academic and industrial sectors.

(6) Inviting international talents to Taiwan:  Succeeded in Inviting Assistant Professor Kyojiro Morikawa and Professor Emeritus Hiroyuki Fijita to NTHU. Planning to invite Dr. Giovanni Marinaro of Lund University (Sweden) to NTHU.

(7) Enhancing international  exchange at ITRI:  Meeting with ITRI international section irregularly, and exchange strategies on Taiwan-Japan exchange on R&D and innovation.

2. Research promotion

(1) Operation of SUMMIT/MOST project: “Single Cell Proteomics ” of 2nd year. Achieving important technologies like nano valve, and going to install into total system in the near future.

(2) Establishing international university-industry R&D collaboration:  Signing R&D contract between NTHU and Daicel (Japanese chemical company) on “variable volume production system (desktop chemical plant)” which started from September 2021.  

(3) Establishing domestic university-industry R&D collaboration:  Signing R&D contract between NTHU and 北森微流體研發股份有限公司 (IMT-Taiwan). 5M NTD for 5 years.  

(4) Promoting university-industry R&D collaboration: Negotiation between several Taiwanese companies and ITRI.  

(5) Supervision: 16 graduate students, 2 research assistants, 2 post-docs.

(6) Introducing international RD power: 1 post-doc at LU, 1 PhD student , 1 Post-doc and 2 Assistant Professors in UTokyo are participating in SCP and DTP projects of NTHU.

(7) Setting up three research labs: For glass nanofabrication room, single cell microfluidics protein analysis system, microfluidics desktop chemical plant.  

(8) Publishing 15 peer-reviewed papers, delivering 20 invited lectures, and organizing one international conference. 

3. Innovation

(1) Founding NTHU spinoff company: Establishing and registering 北森微流體研發股份有限公司 (IMT-Taiwan ) on June 1st as a spinoff from NTHU.  Providing 5 job opportunities for Taiwanese people, and increasing employees rapidly. 

(2) Founding NTHU-Daicel joint R&D center with Daicel: Establishing NTHU-Daicel Joint Research Center (Daicel JRDC) on October 5th based on the collaborative R&D contract between NTHU and Daicel. It’s providing 4 job opportunities.  

(3) Cultivating PhD talents: Daicel is providing scholarships for PhD students. 

4. Teaching and lectures:

Prof. Kitamori has offered 2 courses “Spectroscopic and Optical Detection and Analysis” and “Forum on Nano-/Microsystem Technology.” He also gave 20 lectures in the past year.


Prof. Takehiko Kitamori _Grow and expand the social impact of micro- and nanofluidics

Prof. Kitamori paid a courtesy visit to Ambassador Hsieh with President Ogawa of Daicel on Feb. 22, 2022. 


Prof. Takehiko Kitamori _Grow and expand the social impact of micro- and nanofluidics


NTHU and Daicel of Japan to jointly develop revolutionary desktop chemical plant.
(Liberty Times, Oct. 28, 2021)


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